Spring has sprung

A Spring update from Kilver Court's Head Gardener

March marks a pivotal time at Kilver Court as we witness the garden's transition into spring. Despite the recent wet weather, we've successfully completed the first lawn cut of the year. Taking care to raise the mower's height and select a lighter model, we've ensured our grass remains healthy, relishing the fresh scent of newly cut lawns.

Our focus now shifts to pruning the climbing roses along the colourist border. The goal is straightforward: eliminate dead or diseased stems, remove weak growth, and prevent branch crossing to foster a robust structure for the roses. This will enable them to cover the wall with vibrant blooms by summer.

In the vegetable garden, efforts to improve drainage are underway, paving the way for planting early potatoes, onions, and shallots. This work is crucial for both the health of the garden and the enjoyment of our visitors.

The Shepton Mallet Snowdrop Festival brought an increase in visitors, highlighting the end of the snowdrop season. Now is the perfect time for us to lift, divide, and replant these bulbs, ensuring a denser display next year. Plans are also in place to introduce more bulbs for a stunning show at the next festival.

Additionally, there's still an opportunity to rejuvenate herbaceous perennials by lifting and dividing them, ensuring our displays remain at their best. March is also ideal for top-dressing borders and containers, preparing them for the growing season ahead.

As spring progresses, we look forward to the beauty and growth it brings.

The gardening team at Kilver Court is excited to share these seasonal changes with you.

Spring plant pots on a shelf outside the Wiggly Shed