Everything In The Garden Is Rosy At Kilver Court

August is a month of beauty in the gardens here at Kilver Court, so who better to guide us through the goings on of the garden than our Head Gardener, Chris Inchley. 

"August is here, and our semi-circle parterre borders at Kilver Court are truly coming into their own. The borders are a symphony of pinks, purples, blues, with a hint of silver. The elegant Phlox paniculata 'Franz Schubert' and Echinacea purpurea offer a lovely contrast against the stately Cynara.

This is a busy month for our dahlias too. With regular deadheading of faded flowers, we ensure they continue to bloom and bring joy. Staking dahlias is also crucial in August - it not only supports the plant but also showcases its stunning blooms. See one of my team, Gardener Callum carrying out deadheading here:

Gardener Callum deadheading flowers at Kilver Court

This year, the weather has posed a challenge for maintaining our lawns. A wet winter followed by a hot May and June have caused some stress, but a fresh application of summer lawn fertiliser during the recent wet spell will help rejuvenate the colour and strength of our grass, warding off diseases such as red thread.

Here's a top tip to remember - Despite the rain, remember that your containers need regular watering - a couple of times a week should do it. It might seem like the rain should suffice, but with so many roots competing for nutrients, we need to continue regular feeding.

Happy gardening to all!

Peonies with the Charlton Railway Viaduct in the background