Autumn update from our Head Gardener

Kilver Court scene with the viaduct reflected in the waters of the lake

Changing seasons

October is a month of transition and change in the gardens here at Kilver Court, so who better to guide us through the goings on of the garden than our Head Gardener, Chris Inchley:

As our climate changes, we are growing more tender plants

Our team is busy taking semi-ripe cuttings from half-hardy perennials, like Salvia, to ensure we're prepared for next summer's bloom.

Considering a refresh of your herbaceous borders? Now's the time to lift, divide, and replant, allowing plants to establish themselves before winter arrives. Plus, it's a perfect opportunity to share surplus plants with friends!

October is an important month of the year for lawn maintenance

We have been scarifying our lawns to eliminate the thatch layer — a mix of living and dead stems, roots and shoots that, if ignored, forms a water-resistant barrier detrimental to lawn health. Aeration is crucial, too, allowing air and water to circulate more freely around the roots. We achieve this with a spiking machine, followed by an application of autumn lawn feed to boost the grass's health through winter.

This care strengthens the lawn, reduces moss growth  and maintains a lush green sward. 

At Kilver we are clipping our yew hedges

This is to maintain sharp, crisp lines that highlight the formality of the parterre. Take this as a reminder that continuing to deadhead flowering plants encourages an extended blooming period, so keep up with that and regular watering of your container plants.

Autumn seems to have arrived earlier this year

With autumn appearing to be early this year, we advise those with ponds to consider covering them; falling leaves can lead to a build-up of debris, which could negatively impact pond health.

We hope this glimpse into our October garden activities at Kilver Court has provided you with both inspiration and guidance.