A visit from Jack Frost

A frost scene of the Kilver Court parterre

A winter garden update from our Head Gardener, Chris Inchley

This year's weather has posed unique challenges for our gardens. Early summer brought intense heat and sunshine, followed by a notably wet period. This extended autumnal wetness has delayed our work, but we remain dedicated to cutting down herbaceous perennials and tidying the gardens.

Despite these challenges, the autumnal colours have been vibrant. Our ongoing efforts to clear leaves, turning them into leaf mould, have been rewarding. We're now using last year’s composted leaves to enrich the soil around our Hostas and other plants like Salvias, providing them extra protection against winter conditions.

A special task this winter is safeguarding our banana plant. We’ll trim it to three feet, encase it in a hessian cover, pack it with straw, and wrap it in a hessian coat. This process will ensure it stays unfrozen, ready to be a striking feature in the viaduct border come spring.

Winter is also the ideal time to prune Acers and vines, as they're dormant. We're focusing on crown lifting our Acers to accentuate the rockery.

This year, we're excited to take hardwood cuttings from Cornus alba Westonbirt and Salix alba. Our aim is to enhance the waterline with foliage, bark, and berry, maximising seasonal interest.

As the colder nights arrive, it's time to reflect on the past year - celebrating our successes and planning improvements. We have several exciting developments in store for Kilver Court's gardens.

Looking ahead to the warmth of next summer, our gardens team wishes to thank our visitors for their support this year. We eagerly anticipate welcoming more guests next year.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a joyous festive season.